Exact Strategy I use to leverage the online boom and create an on-going passive income.

Hey folks,

Good morning.

Getting your hands on this eBook is one of the best things you did.

Seriously. I mean it (if I say so myself).

In 2014 I had a good job.

I worked for General Motors as a Sr. Business Analyst. They paid me well, gave good benefits (the company gave me my own laptop, own phone, own car – yes, the latest model car which I could change every 3 months) + 4 weeks holiday and 2 weeks’ paid vacation.

My mom and dad were proud of me (my mom would say “my son has a company car” – to anyone who came 3 feet of her)

Some of my relatives were jealous of me,

A few friends looked up to me,

My wife knew I wasn’t passionate about my job.

My 2 year old daughter cried every morning I left to work.

And I was miserable!

Don’t get me wrong. I was grateful for the job and the $ it paid.

But I just hated sitting in a cubicle for 8 hours a day.

I hated the office politics (my colleagues Pam and Janet especially enjoyed making other people feel small)

I could not fathom doing this for another 30 years!

I started browsing the net. Searching for a way out.

A few weeks later I received an email from Bob Proctor. I was in his email list, and he was promoting an online marketing course. (if you do not know who Bob Proctor is, just YouTube him – his videos may just change your life for the better!)

I remember sitting in the conference room in my office building and watching the webinar (for those who don’t know, if you are working in the automotive industry, you had so much time in your hand (reading the newspaper, browsing the net and going for 2-hour lunches were very common). A job at Ford, GM or Chrysler usually meant “you were set for life”.

No wonder they lost to Tesla when it came to the future!

Anyway, the webinar promoted financial freedom – be my own boss and make $50k/mo.

I wanted that lifestyle! Even if I could only make 10% of what it promised, I was ready to jump in.

I would rather a be a free man living in a 2-bedroom apartment, than a job-slave living in a huge mansion.

There was only one problem.

It cost $6k to get into this course. And for all the so called “good job, good life” I had, I didn’t have six grand sitting in my bank account.

Most people work hard, but their bank account is hardly working!

I scraped together a couple of credit cards and took a leap of faith.

I remembered Bob Proctor’s words – “Jump. You will develop wings along the way and fly”.

Most people do not even take the first step!

You see, I have been in the local Online Marketing, Lead Gen, SEO space for more than 7 years now and in that period, I have bought a lot of courses. You name it and there is a good chance I have bought it. I have invested 10s of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours learning, testing, failing, and ranking.

And it’s not just Online Marketing. I would get my hands on anything that promised a slight chance of getting me some financial independence.

In lay man terms I was willing to do anything to leave my stinking job and be a free man!

I realized that if I wanted to become the best in something, it better be something that can provide passive income and make me wealthy.

You can try and own apartments, houses and rent them out for passive income (isn’t that the holy grail of passive income?),


You can create digital real estate (for a fraction of the cost and effort of owning real estate), and still create passive cash flow!

This is the exact strategy I used to replace my job income and fire my boss!

Make sure you read “Your FREEDOM Number” at the end of this book – It’s the single most important guide post along your journey to financial freedom!

The key to wealth accumulation is knowing the difference between an asset and a liability. If you know this difference, you can identify all the things that are making you poorer every month so that you can decrease it while focusing on things that will make you richer.

Asset is anything that puts money in our pocket (think rental properties, interest accrued from a savings account etc)

Liability is anything that takes money from our pocket! (think loans, mortgage, debt).

 Your Home is NOT AN ASSET – until you have paid it off!

In these seven years I have joined almost every Internet marketing group, bought every course (SEO, FB Ads, Wholesaling, stock market), and then finally settled on Internet marketing.

I have interacted with almost every IM guru out there. I have seen some good success in ranking websites in the local space, and in the process, I have ranked my own sites, client sites, ranked and rented sites, ranked and sold sites, ranked and lost sites, and regained them back and rented them again!!

Over the years I have built good relationships with many online marketers, and I provide white label SEO work for few SEO guys out there and have partnered with some big name SEO gurus in lead gen and white label work.

Four years ago I hit the $10k in revenue mark (it was a combination of rank and rent, client SEO and little fb ads). Though it was the magical $10k/mo number every marketer dreamed about, I was a bit exhausted wearing multiple hats.

I decided to completely ignore everything else (Adwords, FB ads, YT video marketing, funnels, etc.), and decided I will become an expert in one thing only. And I realized that if I wanted to become the best in something, it better be something that can provide passive income.

And so, even though Client SEO work is pretty profitable, I decided to focus mainly on owning my own assets (websites) and renting them out. That way I did not have to deal with clients if I didn’t want to.

Here is a million dollar lesson they don’t teach you at school.

The key to becoming wealthy is to create assets that produce cash flow.

The rich and wealthy speak a different language  (the middle class call it “salary or income”).

The Wealthy create assets that produces them with an income. So making money every month is not dependent on their time.

The poor and middle class get a job (trade time to make money), and then spend it on liabilities and expenses. No wonder they don’t have any $ left to build an asset after all expenses and paying all loans!

I decided it was time for me to move from the middle class to the wealthy category!

BTW, you may have a cushy six figure job , but if you are still trading time for money, you are still not wealthy.

Oh yea, you may call yourself “upper middle class”, “high income individual” etc, but accept it – those are just different ways you are fooling yourself, no one else.

If you lose your job tomorrow, do you have enough cash flow coming in every month to sustain your current lifestyle?

If not, lets change it – buckle your seatbelts and get ready!

Once I learned and mastered how to build assets that provided me with passive income/cash flow, I suddenly discovered I had more time in my hands too – I was also time-rich!

And when you have both money and time on your side, you can literally do anything you want, pursue anything that interests you, getup when you want to every day.

No more asking your boss for permission to take a week off from work!

One last thing before we dig into the process I used (and consistently use) to create an asset based income.

I have come to realize that there are 3 types of Online Marketers out there

Those who get excited about the next shiny object and always want to learn the next hot thing out there. I was like this up until about 48 months ago, and its not scalable.

Those who know a decent amount, have seen some success and are masters in marketing themselves and selling courses. They make more money selling courses than by actually doing what they teach.

Nothing wrong with this – this is just how they operate.

Those who are so focused in one area of online marketing that they become masters at it. I call them Ninjas! They just focus on that one area and work every single day on that area, test things out, fail, learn, do more and hence create breakthroughs.

You don’t hear their name much; they don’t do FB Live videos every day. They just have their heads down and do what they love to do and what they do best!

I believe I transitioned from #2 to #3 when I decided to focus solely on ranking and renting about 48 months ago. By no means am I saying I am the best. All I am saying is, I have spent more time and consistent effort in only one area of online marketing – making Google my bitch!

When you have ranked sites again and again and again, you get amused hearing the rumors going on in SEO groups on “what works now” and “what doesn’t work now”.

Ok enough on my background.

My intention here is to provide more value in this little eBook than you will find in many paid courses!

So let’s dive in.