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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Marly's Choice by Lora Leigh

Released: July 25, 2008
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Rated: Adult

Marly's love for Cade has spanned her teenage years, and survived strong and intact into womanhood. Her fantasies and daydreams have sustained her, but she's no longer content with merely imagining the touch of his hands, the taste of his kiss. It's time to seduce the tough, sexy cowboy. She's heard the rumors for years, the tales of his sexual preferences. She's prepared herself to accept his desires. Prepared her body for his touch. But she wasn't prepared for the choice to come... Cade's dark desires, his sexual excesses are based in the past. In a time when pain, shame, and blood stains his very soul. He carries a secret shared only with his brothers. A secret that has scarred the bond, the ability to be a brother or to accept the love of the men he was raised with. He knows the only way to prove his loyalty, his love for those brothers and Marly will be the key. She has a choice. She can surrender to Cade's needs, his soul deep desires, or she can walk away. A choice only Marly can make. A choice that will change her life forever.

What I thought:

I really do like Lora Leigh's writing. But I had a few little things in this one that just didn't sit right, even when I was trying to just enjoy the story. A personal fear is when I say no and nothing stops, and in this story we see Marly say no in several situations and nothing stops. For most this probably isn't a problem, but those who are like me, it may rub you the wrong way.

Marly is stated to be 20 years of age, who is offered wine by the August boys and is able to mix her drinks like a pro. I don't usually mind, but it seemed to contradict Cade's statement of her being unused to alcohol.

One last one, Marly knows what to expect of Cade when she tries to seduce him. I expect her to be shocked of the experience first hand, but it was her trying to change him that made me frustrated. She wants him, but now how he wants her. Men don't change that fast, hell, most people take years to change. No big changes happen over night... and most people don't give up a lifestyle that does it for them.

Other than that, I liked the story! Really, I did! I loved Marly took action of what she wanted, I loved that she stood up for herself, and I love how she was ready to prove she isn't a child anymore.

I gave it 3 stars!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Succubus on Top by Richelle Mead

Released: January 1, 2008
Publisher: Kensington
Rated: Paranormal Romance

Love hurts, and no one knows it better than Georgina Kincaid. If she so much as kisses Seth Mortensen, the shy, sexy, incredibly gifted Seattle writer she's been dating, she'll drain his life force. Georgina is a succubus - a demon who draws her power from other men's pleasure. Admittedly, the shapeshifting and immortality perks are terrific, and yes, Georgina did choose to join the ranks of hell centuries ago. But it seems completely unfair that a she-demon whose purpose is seduction can't get hot and heavy with the one mortal who knows and accepts her for who she is...It's not just her personal life that's in chaos. Doug, Georgina's co-worker at a local bookstore, has been exhibiting bizarre behaviour, and Georgina suspects that something far more demonic than double espressos is at work. She could use help finding out, but Bastien, an irresistibly charming incubus and her best immortal friend, is preoccupied with corrupting an ultra-conservative talk radio star - and giving Georgina some highly distracting come-hither vibes. Georgina is going to have to work solo on this one - and fast because soon, Doug's life won't be the only one on the line...

What I thought:

The second book in the Georgina Kincaid book keeps up with where the first book leaves off. So far, I am really loving this series. The two stories in this one entwine perfectly to leave us readers wanting more and leaving us wondering what will be happening next. Both stories didn't hinder the other, but propelled the reader a better view of Georgina's role and her past.

I really loved Mead's YA series and I think she is an amazing PNR author as well. Nothing over the top, but definitely some steamy scenes for adults that don't let us down.

I gave it 4 stars!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews

Released: May 25, 2010
Publisher: Ace
Rated: Urban Fantasy
Series: Kate Daniels, Book 4

Kate Daniels cleans up the paranormal problems no one else wants to deal with-especially if they involve Atlanta's shapeshifting community.

And now there's a new player in town-a foe that may be too much for even Kate and Curran, the Lord of the Beasts, to handle. Because this time, Kate will be taking on family.

What I thought:

Kate does not lead an easy life. And things hit the fan faster in this book than any of the others. I love Kate for several reasons. She isn't perfect, she makes mistakes and she isn't afraid to protect those who need her help, regardless of who/what they are. She's loyal and she proves it beyond a doubt in this book.

A few things I did like in this book, it seems like we are getting down to the big showdown with Roland. Well, maybe, but it looks like we are headed that direction as we continue to follow Kate. Another, Ilona and Gordon are keeping things real. Relationships take work, not every minute is a happy one and we see this with both Kate and Curran as well as Andrea and Raphael.

This is by far, one of my favorite paranormal series. Great characters and great storylines. I have yet to be disappointed with a book in this series and I am excited to keep reading this wonderful journey Kate is on.

I gave it 5 stars!

Waiting on Wednesday/WWW Wednesday (2)

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted here, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

This week's pre-publication "can't-wait-to-read" selection is:
Kitty Goes To War by Carrie Vaughn
Book 8 of the Kitty Norville Series
Release Date: June 29, 2010

Kitty Norville, Alpha werewolf and host of The Midnight Hour, a radio call-in show, is contacted by a friend at the NIH's Center for the Study of Paranatural Biology. Three Army soldiers recently returned from the war in Afghanistan are being held at Ft. Carson in Colorado Springs.  They're killer werewolves—and post traumatic stress has left them unable to control their shape-shifting and unable to interact with people.  Kitty agrees to see them, hoping to help by bringing them into her pack. 

Meanwhile, Kitty gets sued for libel by CEO Harold Franklin after featuring Speedy Mart--his nationwide chain of 24-hour convenience stores with a reputation for attracting supernatural unpleasantness--on her show.

Very bad weather is on the horizon.

WWW Wednesday is hosted by Should Be Reading.

To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

*What are you currently reading?
  - Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews
*What did you recently finish reading?
  - Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead
*What do you think you'll read next?
  - Moon Sworn by Keri Arthur

Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead

Released: March 1, 2007
Publisher: Kensington
Rated: Adult

Succubus (n.) An alluring, shape-shifting demon who seduces and pleasures mortal men.
Pathetic (adj.) A succubus with great shoes and no social life. See: Georgina Kincaid.

When it comes to jobs in hell, being a succubus seems pretty glamorous. A girl can be anything she wants, the wardrobe is killer, and mortal men will do anything just for a touch. Granted, they often pay with their souls, but why get technical?

But Seattle succubus Georgina Kincaid's life is far less exotic. Her boss is a middle-management demon with a thing for John Cusack movies. Her immortal best friends haven't stopped teasing her about the time she shape-shifted into the Demon Goddess getup complete with whip and wings. And she can't have a decent date without sucking away part of the guy's life. At least there's her day job at a local bookstore--free books; all the white chocolate mochas she can drink; and easy access to bestselling, sexy writer, Seth Mortensen, aka He Whom She Would Give Anything to Touch but Can't.

But dreaming about Seth will have to wait. Something wicked is at work in Seattle's demon underground. And for once, all of her hot charms and drop-dead one-liners won't help because Georgina's about to discover there are some creatures out there that both heaven and hell want to deny...

What I thought:

I'm glad I finally got the chance to start this series. Georgina will be a great character to follow. I have read most of Richelle Mead's other books and I have to say, I have yet to come across a book I didn't like.

The Succubus Blues was a very interesting novel, great plot, great twists and great characters. Georgina may be desperate not to date those she likes (as she is a succubus and steals their life force) but she can't help who she falls for. I can't wait to read the rest of this series, and I definitely recommend this author to all my friends.  This was definitely a book where I was judging by the cover, although I'm trying to break that bad habit.  This was a great read.

I gave it 4 stars.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Teaser Tuesday (2)

teasertuesdays31 Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along! Just do the following:
  • Grab your current read
  • Open to a random page
  • Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
  • BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
  • Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

My Teaser:

For as long as I can remember, I witnessed the men in my momma’s life abuse her mentally and physically, these were men she swore to love, honor, and obey till death do them part. I was the third to the oldest of my momma’s eight children, and I started noticing the abuse on my momma when I was around four or five years old.

Twelve Roses for Uretta by Arlene Crenshaw
This is a Memoir.

I will be posting my review of this book, as well the author will be a guest blogger, June 7th.  Come on back and get to know the author better!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Urban Shaman by CE Murphy

Released: June 1, 2005
Publisher: Luna
Rated: Urban Fantasy

Joanne Walker has three days to learn to use her shamanic powers and save the world from the unleashed Wild Hunt. No worries. No pressure. Nevermind the lack of sleep, the perplexing new talent for healing from fatal wounds, or the cryptic, talking coyote who appears in her dreams. And if all that's not bad enough, in the three years Joanne's been a cop, she's never seen a dead body -- but she's just come across her second in three days. It's been a bitch of a week. And it isn't over yet.

What I thought:

I don't know what it was about this book, but it took me forever to finish it. I found it highly entertaining, but there were parts where it was just too slow to really keep me sitting still through to get past it.

The plot, storyline and characters were great to follow. The only thing that got to me is the author used a couple words over and over and over until I cringed every time I saw the word again. I will be continuing the series, and I will be recommending this series to all my friends.

I gave it 3 stars!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

On My Wishlist

On My Wishlist is a fun weekly event hosted by Book Chick City and runs every Saturday. It's where I list all the books I desperately want but haven't actually bought yet. They can be old, new or forthcoming.

Moon Sworn by Keri Arthur
Released: May 25, 2010
Publisher: Dell

Some nights never end.
Some desires never die. . . .

Shape-shifting werewolf and vampire Riley Jenson is through with death—causing it, solving it, surviving it. Her soul mate, Kye Murphy, is dead—and at Riley’s own hands. Not even the seductive embrace of her vampire lover, Quinn, can fully ease her mind, for she has begun questioning everything that makes her Riley—including her job at the Directorate.

Now, the ritualistically slain bodies of ex-cons have started turning up. Reluctantly, Riley takes the case, but something even worse is waiting in the wings. A vicious enemy from her past is determined to strip Riley of everything that gives her life any meaning: her lover, her brother—and even her own identity. Can Riley survive this ultimate assault? All she knows is, she must fight one last time to find answers, before everything goes dark forever.

This is book 9 in the Riley Jensen series.  This is one of my favorite series and I can't wait for Tuesday to come so I can finally get my hands on it! 

Twice Bitten by Chloe Neill
Released: July 6, 2010
Publisher: NAL Trade

Shapeshifters from across the country are convening in the Windy City, and as a gesture of peace, Master Vampire Ethan Sullivan has offered their leader a very special bodyguard: Merit, Chicago's newest vampire. Merit is supposed to protect the Alpha, Gabriel Keene-and to spy for the vamps while she's at it. Oh, and luckily Ethan's offering some steamy, one-on-one combat training sessions to help her prepare for the mission.

Unfortunately, someone is gunning for Gabriel, and Merit soon finds herself in the line of fire. She'll need all the help she can get to track down the would-be assassin, but everywhere she turns, there are rising tensions between supernaturals-not least between her and a certain green-eyed, centuries-old master vampire.

This is the third novel in the Chicagoland Vampire series.  I'm really excited for this one, I just discovered both the series and the author just a few short months ago.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Ties that Bind by Jaid Black and Lora Leigh

Released: August 29, 2003
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Rated: Adult

...Sins of the Father by Jaid Black Candy Morgan has always felt badly about the fact that her father duped and then fired his former protégée, James Douglas Mahoney III. Worse yet, she knows that JD has always believed her to be a part of the conspiracy to get rid of him. When JD comes to power during a hostile takeover of Morgan Chemicals, Candy realizes he will want revenge against her family so she prepares herself to be ousted from the company. But much to her surprise, JD doesn't oust her. Instead, he wants his vendetta against the Morgans settled in an entirely different fashion, in a way Candy never could have imagined in her wildest, most wicked dream...

Surrender by Lora Leigh Cole has wanted Tess for years. And he's warned her of this several times. He's also warned her HOW he wants her. Tied down in his bed, under his domination, surrendering to his desires..

What I thought:

Both Jaid Black and Lora Leigh are some favorite authors of mine and I truly enjoyed both of their stories.

Jaid Black's story was great, but I didn't like how JD always referred parts of his anatomy as if it were a completely different person. It wasn't a total turn off, but I cringed every time he called it a 'him' or a 'he'.

Lora Leigh's Surrender was just as great. I look forward to catching up with the rest of the series. These both were great short stories to read.

I gave it 4 stars!

Heat of Passion by Elle Kennedy

Released: March 24, 2009
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Rated: Adult

Carson Scott is the king of one-night stands, so a naughty encounter with a sexy brunette in a nightclub supply closet is right up his alley. When his mysterious seductress disappears, he-s blindsided by an unfamiliar emotion-disappointment. One thing-s for sure-if he ever encounters his lady of the evening again, he won-t let her slip away so easily.
Between her catering business, family issues, and her broken heart, Holly Lawson has too much on her plate to think about committing to a serious relationship. Hot, sweaty, anonymous sex with a Navy SEAL-now that sounds like the perfect appetizer to take the edge off. With no plans to ever see him again, she indulges in a fling. Only to come face to face with him weeks later while working a wedding.
Worse, Carson is hell-bent on the one thing she doesn-t want. The R word. She has no intention of falling for him, but in the face of his seductive, mind-changing methods, her resistance is crumbling...

What I thought:

I liked this novel, it was a freebie from Amazon.  I was glad I grabbed it.  I will probably invest in the rest of the series.

This was a fun read, but I don't think I would classify it was an Erotica.  While it has some nice scenes in this one mostly it focused on the relationships than the sex.  I was really interested in getting to know the characters and I did feel it came up a bit short on that. I never felt really connected to the characters and wasn't emotionally vested in how it would end, but I'm still going to give the rest a try!

I did read it out of order, not knowing (nor was the series order posted) that there is a book before this one, called Heat of the Moment.  Amazon does list it as a separate series, but it is the first with this set of characters.

I gave it 3 stars.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead

Released: May 18,210
Publisher: Razorbill
Rated: YA

After a long and heartbreaking journey to Dimitri's birthplace in Siberia, Rose Hathaway has finally returned to St. Vladimir's-and to her best friend, Lissa. It is nearly graduation, and the girls can't wait for their real lives beyond the Academy's iron gates to begin. But Rose's heart still aches for Dimitri, and she knows he's out there, somewhere.

She failed to kill him when she had the chance. And now her worst fears are about to come true. Dimitri has tasted her blood, and now he is hunting her. And this time he won't rest until Rose joins him... forever.

What I thought:

Wow!  This is one of my favorite series/authors and this book is another fantastic addition of Vampire Academy!  I had a hard time putting this down and it kept me on the edge of my seat.  Rose and her crew are some of my favorite characters to follow.

I'm sad that this series will be wrapping up in the last novel, The Last Sacrifice, but at the same time, I'm happy it will be ending before it goes downhill.  I can't wait to read the next.  There is quite a big cliffhanger, fair warning, that will make you restless to get your hands on the next book!

I gave it 5 stars!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Waiting on Wednesday/WWW Wednesday

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted here, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

This week's pre-publication "can't-wait-to-read" selection is:

 Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews
Publication Date: May 25, 2010

Atlanta would be a nice place to live, if it weren’t for the magic. When the magic is up, rogue mages cast their spells and monsters appear, while guns refuse to fire and cars fail to start. But then technology returns, and the magic recedes as unpredictably as it rose.

Kate Daniels works for the Order of the Knights of Merciful Aid, officially as a liaison with the mercenary guild. Unofficially, she cleans up the paranormal problems no one else wants to handle—especially if they involve Atlanta’s shapeshifting community.

When she’s called in to investigate a fight at the Steel Horse, a bar midway between the territories of the shapeshifters and the necromancers, Kate quickly discovers there’s a new player in town. One who’s been around for thousands of years—and rode to war at the side of Kate’s father.

This foe may be too much even for Kate and Curran, the Lord of the Beasts, to handle. Because this time, Kate will be taking on family…

This is the 4th book in the Kate Daniels series.

WWW Wednesday is hosted by Should Be Reading

To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…
* What are you currently reading?
* What did you recently finish reading?
* What do you think you’ll read next?

What are you currently reading?
 - I am currently reading Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews, as I prepare for her new release!
What did you recently finish reading?
- I recently finished Magic Bites and Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews!
What do you think you'll read next?
- I'm going to start reading the newest Vampire Academy novel, Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead next!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Teaser Tuesday


Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along! Just do the following:
  • Grab your current read
  • Open to a random page
  • Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
  • BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
  • Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers
"Secret to shutting you up," he said.  "I just have to beat you till you're half-dead, then give you chicken soup and"- he raised his hands -"blessed silence."
-Curran in Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stay with Me by Maya Banks

Released: May 6, 2008
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Rated: Adult

Getting her back will be the toughest deal they've ever negotiated.
On the night of her fifth anniversary, Catherine Cullen-Wellesley intends to break the news to the two men in her life. She's pregnant with their child. It'll be the perfect preamble to the vacation they've promised her: Two weeks on a Jamaican beach. No cell phones, no emails, no business.

But when Logan and Rhys blow off the trip for yet another "business emergency", Catherine faces some difficult truths. She hasn't come first in her busy husbands' lives in a long time. Defiantly, she packs her bags for her long-awaited vacation-alone. It'll give her a chance to figure out what the hell she's going to do with the rest of her life.

When Logan and Rhys come home to an empty house, they realize two things: One, it was a mistake to take Catherine for granted. Two, they're not willing to just let her walk out of their lives.
Winning her back will be the most difficult battle of their lives-more important than any business deal they've ever negotiated.

What I thought:

What can I say about Maya Banks?  I have yet to come across any book by her that I haven't loved.  I think she is a gifted author who is a master at creating believable storylines and characters that are entertaining to follow.  I never think 'That would never happen in real life" when reading her novels.  They are down to earth, sexy, smart and very entertaining.

That being said, all that applies to this novel.  But unlike most of her other novels we get to start off with a trio who have already an established relationship.  I loved that.  I loved that I got to read as they all were fighting to save a relationship that they have had for years, realizing it really was worth it to fight for it and to hold on.  I couldn't put it down until it was finished.  Bravo, Ms. Banks, bravo!!

I recommend this novel and every other novel in this authors collection to everyone.  Fantastic material!

I gave it 5 stars! 

Friday, May 14, 2010

Harmony's Way by Lora Leigh

Released: December 5, 2006
Publisher: Berkley
Rated: Adult

Harmony has been on the run for a long time. But now, she has let her guard down and Jonas Wyatt's team was able to capture her. For her sins, crimes committed against those who would do harm to a child, she has been forced to a small town of Broken Butte for some of Jonas's games for a period of six months. If she can't stay clean, she's dead.

Jonas has worn out his welcome, if he ever had one, in Lance's office. Lance didn't want the guy around and every time Wyatt shows up it causes a headache and disrupts his schedule. This time is no different. He has taken Harmony in on his team, but what he doesn't understand is what game Jonas is playing. Until he mates with Harmony. Now both their lives are in danger for some game Jonas is playing.

What I thought:

I liked this one, but it wasn't amazing. It didn't really stand out, for me, from the novels I have read so far in the Breed series. While I liked Harmony's character, the 'I have to do this alone' thing was getting old after a bit. But not enough to make me stop reading.

The new story plot introduced in this one is intriguing. I am excited to see where it leads with Leo.

I gave it 3 stars.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bite Me by Parker Blue

Released: September 30, 2008
Publisher: Bell Bridge Books
Rated: YA

Life after high school is tough enough without having to go 15 rounds with your inner demon. Val Shapiro is just your ordinary, part-demon, teenaged vampire hunter with a Texas drawl. And a pet hellhound named Fang. Soon enough she finds herself deep in the underbelly of the city, discovering the secrets of the Demon Underground and fighting to save those she loves. Whether they love her back or not.

What I thought:

This was one of the freebies I snagged from Amazon.com.

Well, I'm on the fence about this one guys.  Some things I liked, others were just annoying.  While I felt sympathy for her, her family tossing her out on her own, not really caring where she goes or what she does, to get her away from their youngest daughter was a bit mind blowing and sad.  While I understand her snarky attitude, it is a bit much going through the book with her bad attitude and then getting the attitude from the hellhound she adopted, and while I understand she's just barely turned 18 there were moments when I wanted her to drop the attitude in her thoughts so we could really get to the real 'Val'.

I really had a hard time with a grown man who meets a girl at 17 and after her 18th birthday starts having feelings for her.  He can't be that old but I can't imagine he'd be that young either.  While most times age doesn't play a part, I had a hard time not seeing her as an underage kid.  Not an adult.

I gave it two stars.  But I'm not swearing off the novels if there is more to come, because it does have promise.

My short RP stories

I was telling my friend, Lady Caella about the RP stories I wrote and asked me to post them.  Here they are!  These are from the game World of Warcraft, and as you can see I had a better time writing my character than actually playing.  Unfortunately I lost my first story, which was the best of them all.

The second story has a character named Amadangus. This is my boyfriends character.  He begged me to include him in my stories.  After this story... not so much :D


I was leading my horse up the steps into the small shelter at The Argent Stand, looking to collect more earnings.  I was tired and covered in filth and so was my horse.  Pestilence stopped in the center to shake off the dirt from his mane, which left me in a cloud of dust. 

"Watch where you do that," I coughed.  I swiped at his saddle, uncovering my name that had been engraved in the leathers.  Deminestra.  Although it had seen better days, I was still surprised it could still be read. 

My growling stomach brought back my focus to what I was doing.  I pocketed a few gold coins and made my way for the keeper to find me some food.  Claws scratching on the stones drew my attention away from the vendor in front of me.  Searching the distance I could see nothing approaching, but I could hear it.  The scratching was definitely getting louder and closer.  The vendor eyed me as I drew out my sword as quietly as possible and readied myself for whatever was coming towards us.

As I walked toward the sound the head of a hell hound came into view.  True, it was nothing but a core hound, but it was pretty much the same thing in my scroll.  I thought I had lost the beast back in Hellfire.  How it found me here, I have no idea.  It cleared the stairs and charged right for me.  I waited until the last moment before sidestepping and watched as it ran right past me, nails scrambling on stone before it slide to its belly while trying to stop and turn around.

I was in a crouch while it tried to right itself.  It finally got up and starting running for me again.  I stood up, to get ready, when it tried to stop two feet away from me, again failing to stop and sliding right into my legs.

"Gross," I moaned as thick, slimy, orange drool landed on my boots.  The hound looked up at me and actually started to wag it's little nub.  Great.  Just what I needed.  I sheathed my sword and looked down at the two little heads peering up at me.  What was a death knight to do with a pup on the road?  I barely made enough to feed myself and my horse, much less a lost little pup who was better off with someone who didn't lead the life of a nomad.  Or with someone that actually wanted the thing.

"He's a cute little fella, what's his name?" The vendor asked me.  Name?  Now I have to name the miscreant? 

"I, uh, well... He doesn't have a name," I told him.

"What?!  No name?"  He scoffed at me.  Well, if I couldn't loose the little beast, I would have to come up with a name to call it.  I'm a death knight, not a pet owner, but still, it couldn't be something weak.  As I am not very creative nor do I want to spend the time to find a name for the beast I settled for the first name I could think of.

"Well, I guess his name is Bruiser."  No weak names for this death knight's pet!

"Bruiser?  I would have named him something more original..." he trailed off as he went back to work.

Grumbling, I took my purchases and put them in the saddlebags.  Bruiser was at my feet yipping at me and wagging his tail.  I gave in.  I tossed him some of the old food in the bags before closing them up.  Watching the beast feed was rather interesting.  The two heads were actually fighting over the food.  Who would have thought?  It goes to the same place... doesn't it?  I shrugged to myself as I led the two animals to an abandoned patch of floor.  I sat myself down and unwrapped the meat I had bought. 

"Ew, it doesn't even smell fresh," I commented to Bruiser.  Great.  I was already talking to it.  I sat in silence after that, eating my meal while watching Bruiser chase after the little critters scurrying around the Stand, yipping and wagging his tail, all the while leaving traces of orange drool everywhere.  I really hope they don't expect me to clean that up, or anything else that may come out of the little beast.  I shuttered just thinking about it.

I leaned back against the pillar and closed my eyes.  I would have to be on the move again soon, but I could rest now for a while.  I was just barely starting to fall asleep when Bruiser crawled into my lap, spinning around a couple of times before finally laying a head on each of my knees.  This doesn't feel as bad as I thought it would.  Bruiser was snoring softly in my lap within seconds.  I followed to the land of dreams not long after.


The sun was setting in Icecrown as I lounged in the seats watching various people joust.  I didn't have the energy in me today for the competition, nor did I like to compete on a creature that resembled an overgrown chicken.  Bruiser lay at my feet.  I hadn't managed to lose the little beast, but had slowly come to love his presence.  Though you'd never hear me say that out loud.

"Hey Demi!"

"Estra..." I grumbled.  I turned my head slightly to see the overgrown bull walking up the benches toward me.  I always wondered how he hadn't managed to fall through the wooded structure.  He plopped down next to me violently, shaking the structure enough to jostle Bruiser away.  The little beast then ran into the lap of the warrior sitting next to me begging for attention.  Traitor. 

"What do you want?"

"Just thought you would be in need of some great company, seeing you are all alone over here I thought I'd come to your rescue."

Alone was the way I wanted it.  I had enough company with the little beast and my steed.  Why did I need more?  Besides, Amadangus, the bull to my right, smelled of hay and excrement.  Did he ever bathe?  The waters in the basin weren't that cold. 

"Did you miss me little guy?"  Amadangus said in a baby voice while scratching Bruiser's head.  Who knew he could get his voice that high?

"He's yours if you go away."

"Why would I want to go away?  It's a good view from here."  I rolled my eyes.  Who ever said warriors were graceful weren't looking at the wanna be stud next to me.  "Besides, I was just concerned.  I thought you might have some saddle sores you would need to be massaged."

Amadangus went flying heels over head as I backhanded his chest, and came to a crash at the ground behind us.  "Men," I seethed as I heard chuckling coming from behind me.

This bull has tormented me ever since we happened across each other while both trying to collect a reward for vermin in another part of Northrend.  Now I had two miscreants with me that I couldn't get rid of.

Amadangus dusted himself off and climbed back into the seat next to me.  I eyed his nose ring.  Atleast he was lead trained already.  Though I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate a lead being connected to it and the ring being yanked for just about anything.  Though I imagine I would get great pleasure from it.

"I was thinking maybe we could joust together.  I promise to be gentle."

"I won't make that same promise," I told him.  Gentle?  Who does he think I am?  Some house ridden elf who has never been in a fight?  I'm the furthest thing from damsel in distress and was willing and eager to fight him and show him that I'm a lot stronger than he thinks I am.  Maybe when I beat him he's finally leave me alone.

The sun had set and the moon shone brightly while people still jousted.  Clanking of metal on metal was a comforting sound.  This was my element.  I had forgotten my ways of an easy life.  And maybe, just maybe, the bull next to me will get a taste of what I have become.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One Night in Memphis by Allie Boniface

Released: May 1, 2009
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Rated: Contemporary Romance

Can anything really change in twenty-four hours? Can everything? What if a woman, tired of bad choices and broken hearts, traveled a thousand miles to the heart of Memphis, Tennessee, and spent a night forgetting her past in the blues clubs of Beale Street? What if a man who lost his wife to cancer ventured to Beale Street's social scene for the first time in over a year? And what if they met and realized love was still possible for them both?

Both Dakota James and Ethan Meriweather have given up on finding happiness in a relationship. When they meet in downtown Memphis, neither has romance on the brain. But as the evening unfolds, and small talk turns to the stuff of hopes, dreams, and shared loss, a kinship grows that neither expects. Before the night is over, though, Dakota's past will catch up with her in the form of a violent ex-boyfriend. As dawn approaches and tragedy threatens to tear Dakota and Ethan apart, both will have to make a snap decision that could change their lives-forever.

What I thought:

I have to say, I read One Night in Boston as a freebie from amazon and took a chance with this one. I really like this series (they are stand alone novels though, so no need to read them in order).  There is a Cinderella feel to these novels (it's not a bad thing, however) when it comes to the 24 hour timeline.  I rarely venture out of the PNR novels these days, but I will definitely be keeping Allie Boniface on my to be read list.

I recommend this novel, and the other One Night novels for any lover of romance.

I gave it 4 stars.

Allie will be giving away an audio addition of this book.  Head over to her blog to check it out.

Fade Out by Rachel Caine

Released: November 3, 2009
Publisher: Signet
Series: Book 7
Rated: YA

Without the evil vampire Bishop ruling over the town of Morganville, the resident vampires have made major concessions to the human population. With their newfound freedoms, Claire Danvers and her friends are almost starting to feel comfortable again...

Now Claire can actually concentrate on her studies, and her friend Eve joins the local theatre company. But when one of Eve's castmates goes missing after starting work on a short documentary, Eve suspects the worst. Claire and Eve soon realize that this film project, whose subject is the vampires themselves, is a whole lot bigger-and way more dangerous-than anyone suspected.

What I thought:

I really do love this series.  It is one of the few YA series I can read and not be overwhelmed by the teenage drama, although this had it's fair share this time around.  This one played off of one of my own insecurities and left me wanting to just get through it so I could move on (as well as Claire, I had hoped).

I do recommend this novel and series to my friends.  Claire and her friends are a great group of characters to follow.

I gave it 4 stars.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Vamps and the City by Kerrelyn Sparks

Released: April 25, 2006
Publisher: Avon
Rated: Adult, sexual content and humor

Who says a vamp can't have it all? 

Darcy Newhart thought it was a stroke of genius – the first–ever reality TV show where mortals vie with vampires for the title of The Sexiest Man on Earth. As the show's director, Darcy's career would be on track again. And she can finally have a life apart from the vampire harem. Okay, so she's still technically dead, but two out of three's not bad. Now she just has to make sure that a mortal doesn't win. If only she wasn't so distracted by a super–sexy and live contestant named Austin... 

But Darcy doesn't know the worst of it. Austin Erickson is actually a vampire slayer! And he's got his eye on the show's leggy blond director. Only problem is, he's never wanted any woman – living or dead – as badly. But if he wins her heart, will he lose his soul? And if it means an eternity of hot, passionate loving with Darcy, does that really matter anyway?

What I thought:

I was laughing throughout this book. This one was much more humorous than the first. The ex-harem was fun to follow as they took charge of their destiny, sorta, in choosing their next master.

The characters were very lovable, even if some shouldn't have been able to pass for vamps.  But it was a fun read, great story and I can't wait to see where this series goes.   I definitely recommend this series so far.  It is a Paranormal Romance, so fair warning, the plot will focus a bit more on the relationships.

I gave it 4 stars.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Quick Bite by Lynsay Sands

Released: October 25, 2005
Publisher: Avon
Rated: Adult, sexual content

That hot guy tied to Lissianna Argeneau's bed? He's not dessert—he's the main course!
Lissianna has been spending her centuries pining for Mr. Right, not just a quick snack, and this sexy guy she finds in her bed looks like he might be a candidate. But there's another, more pressing issue: her tendency to faint at the sight of blood . . . an especially annoying quirk for a vampire. Of course it doesn't hurt that this man has a delicious-looking neck. What kind of cold-blooded vampire woman could resist a bite of that?

Dr. Gregory Hewitt recovers from the shock of waking up in a stranger's bedroom pretty quickly—once he sees a gorgeous woman about to treat him to a wild night of passion. But is it possible for the good doctor to find true love with a vampire vixen, or will he be just a good meal? That's a question Dr. Greg might be willing to sink his teeth into . . . if he can just get Lissianna to bite.

What I thought:

I don't know what took me so long to start this series, but I'm glad I got around to it!  The story is a great one and I found it humorous.  I loved most of the characters I met along the way, mostly Thomas and his antics to his older male cousins. 

This of course, is another twist on the vampire myth.  It is refreshing to get a new story without the same background as other novels.  While this one seems a bit weird to me, I liked it in the end.

I read a few reviews on Amazon and other sites and this one has gotten a bit of bad press because people aren't aware of the difference of Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy.  This is not what I would classify as a slutty vampire book.  This is a romance novel involving vampires, so if you don't like sex in your books, this may not be the book for you.  While it isn't an erotica (it isn't full of sex scenes) it is more focused on the romance than any other plot. 

I gave it 4 stars.

Friday, May 7, 2010

From Ilona Andrews

I couldn't resist, I was browsing Ilona Andrews blog and couldn't stop laughing at this.

"I present to you the What-If Kate Daniels Twitter."

Jim: 15 minutes to Pack/People meeting.

Kate: I’ll be late.

Jim: Why?

Kate: I’ve got to do something.

a minute later

Curran: What do you mean you’ll be late?  Where r you?

Kate: I’ll be right there, just start without me.

Curran: The meeting’s been set over a month in advance.  Where r you?

Kate: I said, I’ll be right there.

Curran: Where. Are. You?

Kate: Don’t take that tone of voice with me, I don’t appreciate it.

Curran: Would you just tell me where you are?

Kate: Corner of manticore and white.

Curran: Half an hour away.  Why am I not surprised.  What are you doing there?

Kate: I’ve got to do something.  I don’t appreciate being interrogated.

Jim: There is a giant armored octopus on the corner of manticore and white.

Curran: What?

Jim: It’s on TV.

Kate, PM to Jim: I kil u.

Jim, PM to Kate: Payback.

Curran: I can see you on the news.  Kate, answer your phone.

Curran: Answer your phone, damn it.

Curran, PM to Kate: Don’t even think about it.

Kate, PM to Curran: I’ll bring sushi to meeting.  Love u, bye.

Jim: I think she just dropped her I-phone.

Curran, PM to Kate: God fucking damn it.

Jim: That was a nice cut on his tentacle.  Should I hold the meeting?

Curran: No, start without me.  I’ll be right back.

Ebooks from Amazon

I've noticed more and more of the ebooks I want to buy coming out have disappeared.  Namely, Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews, one of the books on my must have list.  But I ran across some articles but really, I wanted to post a quote from the author herself.

"I've been receiving some panicked emails. Don't worry, guys, this is just a part of negotiations between our publisher and Amazon. Amazon, unfortunately, wants preferential treatment so it can sell as many Kindles as possible and compete with the new IPad thingie. If you give it a week or two, the Kindle version will be back up."

So hopefully as time gets closer for the new release of the new Kate Daniels novel and others, the novels will be back up.  Negotiations can be a headache for everyone (Retailers, authors, publishers and us consumers) and hopefully those of us who have invested in a Kindle will see our ebooks back up before too long.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris

Released: May 4, 2010
Publisher: Ace Hardcover
Rated: Adult, sexual content

Sookie Stackhouse has finally settled into a relationship with the Viking vampire Eric, and her errant brother Jason seems to have his life in order too. But all the other people in Sookie’s life -Eric himself, her former lover Bill, her friend and boss Sam-are having family problems. Eric’s maker shows up with Eric’s ‘brother’ in tow, the ailing Bill can only be healed by a blood sibling, and Sam’s brother’s marriage is about to take place…or will it? The furor raised by the coming out of the two-natured has yet to settle; some people are just not ready to sit down to dinner with a man who turns into a dog. And Sookie herself is still recovering from her last ordeal. She’s definitely improving, physically and mentally, but she’s always going to have some dark moments to show. The werewolves tell her that there have been strange and ominous passersby in the Stackhouse woods; now Sookie is about to come face-to-face with one of their distant relatives.

Still reeling from the deaths of her fairy cousin, Claudine, and many others in 2009's Dead and Gone, Sookie Stackhouse struggles with paranormal politics in her entertaining if slow-moving 10th outing. When Claudine's triplet, Claude, appears at her doorstep, Sookie reluctantly allows him to move in. The government threatens two-natures with mandatory registration, and tensions run high in the local Were pack. Then Eric's maker, a Roman named Appius Livius Ocella, arrives without warning, bringing along Alexei Romanov, whom he rescued from the Bolsheviks and turned into a vampire.

After enduring torture and the loss of loved ones during the brief but deadly Faery War, Sookie Stackhouse is hurt and she's angry. Just about the only bright spot in her life is the love she thinks she feels for vampire Eric Northman. But he's under scrutiny by the new Vampire King because of their relationship. And as the political implications of the Shifters coming out are beginning to be felt, Sookie's connection to the Shreveport pack draws her into the debate. Worst of all, though the door to Faery has been closed, there are still some Fae on the human side-and one of them is angry at Sookie. Very, very angry...

What I thought:

Well, I have to say I was really looking forward to this new book. I wasn't overly impressed with the last one but thought 'Hey! Every series has that book that just doesn't measure up' and now Ms Harris has two back to back novels that just aren't up to par.

Meeting Eric's sire was interesting as well at his new 'brother'. I wish this could either have been postponed or the main focus, because it had potential but in the end wasn't as big a story as I thought it could have been.

Hadley's son, Hunter, was also another story that I wish had waited until it could have been a bigger story. This one has so much potential, even after this novel, to become a huge story! I'm interested how this can play out, though, after the boy and the FBI agent finally met.

The book didn't have a main focus. There were too many stories going on and as I read I found myself wishing that Charlaine would just pick one. It felt, almost as each little story ended and another started that I was reading a collection of short stories. I was a bit frustrated at the focal theme being clouded. It wasn't a horrible read, but it left me feeling like there should have been more. I gave it 3 stars.


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