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Friday, May 7, 2010

From Ilona Andrews

I couldn't resist, I was browsing Ilona Andrews blog and couldn't stop laughing at this.

"I present to you the What-If Kate Daniels Twitter."

Jim: 15 minutes to Pack/People meeting.

Kate: I’ll be late.

Jim: Why?

Kate: I’ve got to do something.

a minute later

Curran: What do you mean you’ll be late?  Where r you?

Kate: I’ll be right there, just start without me.

Curran: The meeting’s been set over a month in advance.  Where r you?

Kate: I said, I’ll be right there.

Curran: Where. Are. You?

Kate: Don’t take that tone of voice with me, I don’t appreciate it.

Curran: Would you just tell me where you are?

Kate: Corner of manticore and white.

Curran: Half an hour away.  Why am I not surprised.  What are you doing there?

Kate: I’ve got to do something.  I don’t appreciate being interrogated.

Jim: There is a giant armored octopus on the corner of manticore and white.

Curran: What?

Jim: It’s on TV.

Kate, PM to Jim: I kil u.

Jim, PM to Kate: Payback.

Curran: I can see you on the news.  Kate, answer your phone.

Curran: Answer your phone, damn it.

Curran, PM to Kate: Don’t even think about it.

Kate, PM to Curran: I’ll bring sushi to meeting.  Love u, bye.

Jim: I think she just dropped her I-phone.

Curran, PM to Kate: God fucking damn it.

Jim: That was a nice cut on his tentacle.  Should I hold the meeting?

Curran: No, start without me.  I’ll be right back.


Candace said...

OMG! That's hilarious! And I haven't even read the books yet! The first one is on the way though cause I plan to go to her signing this month.

Aimee said...

Oh Candace! You'll love them! Kate is a great character and Curran is just yummy. If I were to chose to be one character from all the books... it would be Kate.

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