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Thursday, May 13, 2010

My short RP stories

I was telling my friend, Lady Caella about the RP stories I wrote and asked me to post them.  Here they are!  These are from the game World of Warcraft, and as you can see I had a better time writing my character than actually playing.  Unfortunately I lost my first story, which was the best of them all.

The second story has a character named Amadangus. This is my boyfriends character.  He begged me to include him in my stories.  After this story... not so much :D


I was leading my horse up the steps into the small shelter at The Argent Stand, looking to collect more earnings.  I was tired and covered in filth and so was my horse.  Pestilence stopped in the center to shake off the dirt from his mane, which left me in a cloud of dust. 

"Watch where you do that," I coughed.  I swiped at his saddle, uncovering my name that had been engraved in the leathers.  Deminestra.  Although it had seen better days, I was still surprised it could still be read. 

My growling stomach brought back my focus to what I was doing.  I pocketed a few gold coins and made my way for the keeper to find me some food.  Claws scratching on the stones drew my attention away from the vendor in front of me.  Searching the distance I could see nothing approaching, but I could hear it.  The scratching was definitely getting louder and closer.  The vendor eyed me as I drew out my sword as quietly as possible and readied myself for whatever was coming towards us.

As I walked toward the sound the head of a hell hound came into view.  True, it was nothing but a core hound, but it was pretty much the same thing in my scroll.  I thought I had lost the beast back in Hellfire.  How it found me here, I have no idea.  It cleared the stairs and charged right for me.  I waited until the last moment before sidestepping and watched as it ran right past me, nails scrambling on stone before it slide to its belly while trying to stop and turn around.

I was in a crouch while it tried to right itself.  It finally got up and starting running for me again.  I stood up, to get ready, when it tried to stop two feet away from me, again failing to stop and sliding right into my legs.

"Gross," I moaned as thick, slimy, orange drool landed on my boots.  The hound looked up at me and actually started to wag it's little nub.  Great.  Just what I needed.  I sheathed my sword and looked down at the two little heads peering up at me.  What was a death knight to do with a pup on the road?  I barely made enough to feed myself and my horse, much less a lost little pup who was better off with someone who didn't lead the life of a nomad.  Or with someone that actually wanted the thing.

"He's a cute little fella, what's his name?" The vendor asked me.  Name?  Now I have to name the miscreant? 

"I, uh, well... He doesn't have a name," I told him.

"What?!  No name?"  He scoffed at me.  Well, if I couldn't loose the little beast, I would have to come up with a name to call it.  I'm a death knight, not a pet owner, but still, it couldn't be something weak.  As I am not very creative nor do I want to spend the time to find a name for the beast I settled for the first name I could think of.

"Well, I guess his name is Bruiser."  No weak names for this death knight's pet!

"Bruiser?  I would have named him something more original..." he trailed off as he went back to work.

Grumbling, I took my purchases and put them in the saddlebags.  Bruiser was at my feet yipping at me and wagging his tail.  I gave in.  I tossed him some of the old food in the bags before closing them up.  Watching the beast feed was rather interesting.  The two heads were actually fighting over the food.  Who would have thought?  It goes to the same place... doesn't it?  I shrugged to myself as I led the two animals to an abandoned patch of floor.  I sat myself down and unwrapped the meat I had bought. 

"Ew, it doesn't even smell fresh," I commented to Bruiser.  Great.  I was already talking to it.  I sat in silence after that, eating my meal while watching Bruiser chase after the little critters scurrying around the Stand, yipping and wagging his tail, all the while leaving traces of orange drool everywhere.  I really hope they don't expect me to clean that up, or anything else that may come out of the little beast.  I shuttered just thinking about it.

I leaned back against the pillar and closed my eyes.  I would have to be on the move again soon, but I could rest now for a while.  I was just barely starting to fall asleep when Bruiser crawled into my lap, spinning around a couple of times before finally laying a head on each of my knees.  This doesn't feel as bad as I thought it would.  Bruiser was snoring softly in my lap within seconds.  I followed to the land of dreams not long after.


The sun was setting in Icecrown as I lounged in the seats watching various people joust.  I didn't have the energy in me today for the competition, nor did I like to compete on a creature that resembled an overgrown chicken.  Bruiser lay at my feet.  I hadn't managed to lose the little beast, but had slowly come to love his presence.  Though you'd never hear me say that out loud.

"Hey Demi!"

"Estra..." I grumbled.  I turned my head slightly to see the overgrown bull walking up the benches toward me.  I always wondered how he hadn't managed to fall through the wooded structure.  He plopped down next to me violently, shaking the structure enough to jostle Bruiser away.  The little beast then ran into the lap of the warrior sitting next to me begging for attention.  Traitor. 

"What do you want?"

"Just thought you would be in need of some great company, seeing you are all alone over here I thought I'd come to your rescue."

Alone was the way I wanted it.  I had enough company with the little beast and my steed.  Why did I need more?  Besides, Amadangus, the bull to my right, smelled of hay and excrement.  Did he ever bathe?  The waters in the basin weren't that cold. 

"Did you miss me little guy?"  Amadangus said in a baby voice while scratching Bruiser's head.  Who knew he could get his voice that high?

"He's yours if you go away."

"Why would I want to go away?  It's a good view from here."  I rolled my eyes.  Who ever said warriors were graceful weren't looking at the wanna be stud next to me.  "Besides, I was just concerned.  I thought you might have some saddle sores you would need to be massaged."

Amadangus went flying heels over head as I backhanded his chest, and came to a crash at the ground behind us.  "Men," I seethed as I heard chuckling coming from behind me.

This bull has tormented me ever since we happened across each other while both trying to collect a reward for vermin in another part of Northrend.  Now I had two miscreants with me that I couldn't get rid of.

Amadangus dusted himself off and climbed back into the seat next to me.  I eyed his nose ring.  Atleast he was lead trained already.  Though I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate a lead being connected to it and the ring being yanked for just about anything.  Though I imagine I would get great pleasure from it.

"I was thinking maybe we could joust together.  I promise to be gentle."

"I won't make that same promise," I told him.  Gentle?  Who does he think I am?  Some house ridden elf who has never been in a fight?  I'm the furthest thing from damsel in distress and was willing and eager to fight him and show him that I'm a lot stronger than he thinks I am.  Maybe when I beat him he's finally leave me alone.

The sun had set and the moon shone brightly while people still jousted.  Clanking of metal on metal was a comforting sound.  This was my element.  I had forgotten my ways of an easy life.  And maybe, just maybe, the bull next to me will get a taste of what I have become.


Lady Caella said...

OMG...this is great...you definitely need to write more, dear friend...I want to see where this is going.


Aimee said...

Thanks! It would be fun to write more, just have to find a way to convince my boyfriend to lend me his character again. I would promise to be nice... but what is the fun in that?

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