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Monday, June 7, 2010

Guest blog with author Arlene R Crenshaw

 Domestic Violence (love shouldn’t hurt) 

What is it about hurting someone that you claim you love? There are women and children that suffer everyday by the hands of someone who claims that they love them. There are women who are preyed upon daily by men who want to control every aspect of their lives. 

Some of these women who find themselves in situation like these are women who at some point in their life dealt with some form of mental or physical abuse.

There are men that prey on these types of women. They look and seek out women who can’t protect themselves. They look for women that are venerable in many areas in there life. Such as loneliness, low self-esteem, mental or even physical problems.

Why do they do what they do?  I’d say “control,” abuse is abuse and no one has to tolerate this type of treatment from anyone.  Love shouldn’t hurt; domestic violence is a big problem in our world today.

Not only are women suffering but children suffer as well. What a women may go through who has children, then children hearing and watching their mother being abused effects these children in ways that it can follow them for the rest of their live.

Results from seeing these types of behavior are daughters growing up with dominant men controlling and abusing them, and sons growing up being abusers.

I feel everyone who is in relationship deserves to be treated with the utmost respect. Children should be able to sleep at night, learn and play throughout the daytime. We all as individual look forward to being in healthy relationships, not dysfunctional relationship and if you are in a relationship that isn’t healthy remember love doesn’t hurt. Stop and put an end to “Domestic Violence.” 

      By Arlene R. Crenshaw

 I was given a chance to do a review of Twelves Roses for Uretta.  This is a tale of domestic violence and what was seen through a child's eye growing up, watching her mother suffer at the hands of those who had sworn to love and honor her, not beat her down.

This was a very emotional read and powerful story of what a mother will do to survive and protect her children.   It was hard to read the struggles of Uretta and what Erica, her daughter, went through growing up.  I was really glad that Uretta never turned from her faith in God.  Myself being a Christian, I know it can be hard to try and not blame God when things get bad, and I really had to admire that Uretta didn't, she turned to God instead.  It is the hardest thing to do, trusting God, that he will lead you through.  It isn't a Christian novel, but sometimes God has a way of putting things in your way to open your eyes.  This was a big eye opener to a subject that I, personally, have no experience in. 

I do feel there is a need for awareness of Domestic Violence.  We may not see it, experience it, but others aren't so fortunate and deserve those who would fight for them, not with them.


shaphire48 said...

I'd like to thank you Aimee, for posting my book on Teaser Tuesday. I am very appreciative of you having me as a guess on your blog. Thank you also for featuring my article on domestic violence. My wish is that this article reaches those in need and that everyone understands that in any relationship "Love should not hurt". Thank again Aimee and God Bless.

Aimee said...

You are more than welcome! Thanks for letting me review your book!

Anonymous said...

I am extremely proud of my mother Arlene R. Crenshaw for writing this book. I admire her bravery and her ability to tap into those hidden mental pockets in order to pen out this read. It took me a longtime to read this book. It's my family history and its painful...

Thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for keeping us through these dark and scary moments... The nightmare has ended and we awaken to the light of bright marvelous future.


Douglas L. Crenshaw Sr.

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