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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Forgive My Fins by Tera Lynn Childs

Released: June 1, 2010
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Rated: YA
Buy Forgive My Fins here

Lily, 17, is a mermaid princess living on land and attending a high school where no one knows her real identity. She needs to find a mate before she turns 18 in order to inherit the throne. Her big crush on Brody is going nowhere until her obnoxious neighbor, Quince, intervenes.

A surprise kiss from the wrong boy leads to a tidal wave of unexpected consequences. In this lighthearted and mostly enjoyable novel, Childs stretches the relationship drama out perhaps a little too long for impatient readers, but the end result is sweet and satisfying. The ending hints of more mermaid tales to come.

What I thought:

I have to say I enjoyed this novel. It was the first mermaid novel I have read and it was very refreshing to get a different kind of paranormal.

It was a bit predictable in the romance department, but it was fun to see the resistance and the longing for the wrong person, I mean, we've all been there, right? I'm not sure what I think about the ending, but I'm hoping to read more and see what happens in the next novel.

I liked the structure of the underwater world, how they hide from human eyes and how they can transform just enough to be wearing scales for bikini bottoms. But really, I'm not sure how I feel about the bonding. Bonding (or mating, in other novels) is almost too much for me. I don't believe in love at first sight, and this is along those lines, once you mate or bond, it's over. I'm still unsure about it, even more unsure of the resolution to this particular novel.

This is another book I have read where it is written in present tense.  This drives me nuts, but luckily Childs doesn't get carried away with it, I barely noticed it in this one when in others I couldn't focus on anything but the writing style.

I gave it 4 stars!


Keri said...

I haven't really looked into any mermaid novels either, so maybe I'll give this one a try. Thanks for the review!

thebookfairyhaven said...

I haven't read a mermaid novel yet, but am dying to read this one! I think there may be a sequel for this one if I'm not mistaken!

Liz. R said...

I've never read anything about mermaids before, but this sounds really good! I like the cover as well, very eye-catching. Thaks for the review!

Lisa_Gibson said...

Great review! Mermaids sound intriguing. I'll have to read this one. Thanks!
Lisa ~ YA Literature Lover

Aimee said...

Thanks guys! There is a sequel due out next summer I believe.

Beverly said...

Just stopping by all the blogs I follow – Thought I would check in with everyone! Stop by The Wormhole if you get a chance!

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