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Monday, December 6, 2010

The Devil's Right Hand by Lilith Saintcrow

Released: September 1, 2007
Publisher: Orbit
Rated: Adult

Dante Valentine, Necromancer and bounty hunter, just wants to be left alone. But the Devil has other ideas.

The Prince wants Dante. And he wants her now. And Dante and her lover, Japhrimel, have no choice but to answer the Prince's summons. And to fulfill a seemingly simple task: become the Devil's Right Hand, hunt down four demons that have escaped from Hell, and earn His gratitude.

It's a shame that nothing is ever easy when it comes to the Devil. Because of course, he doesn't tell Dante the whole truth: there is a rebellion brewing in Hell. And there is a good chance that Lucifer is about to be pushed off the throne.

But Dante is getting really tired of being pushed around. And this time, she might be angry enough to take on the Devil himself...

What I thought:

I'm not sure I liked this one as much as the first two. Japh and Dante seem to still be having problems finding equal ground in the relationship, after a while I found it bothersome to read when Dante was doubting herself, her relationship and Japh. But other than that, I liked the story, I couldn't wait to see what was going on with Lucifer.

These are well written books, but sometimes it isn't an easy read. There is a lot of descriptive parts of a new world that throw me off for a moment.

I gave it 4 stars!


Anonymous said...

Good review; this sounds good, a little different. And the character names sound awesome!
Thanks for visiting my blog :)
Rachel Star

Avery said...

Oh gosh... I felt the same! I just thought that Dante is losing herself more and more with the books and that she relies way too heavily on Japh. I much prefer Lili's "Jill Kismet" series and her "Strange Angels" series.

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