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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dangerous Ground by Shelli Stevens

Released: November 25, 2008
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Rated: Adult

Somethings hot in Seattle, and its not just the espresso. The Seattle Steam series. Madisons needs are simple. All she wants are two things: Make Ooo La Latt the newest trend in espresso, and seduce the sexiest cop in Seattle. But things arent going exactly as planned. First, Gabes a little hung up on the fact that shes his best friends little sister, and hes determined to keep his hands off. Second, her shop gets robbed by the increasingly violent Espresso Bandit, and now shes the only one who can identify him. Gabe whisks her into hiding for her own protection, but soon finds his heart is under assault by the lusciousand persistentMadison. But no matter where they hide, danger follows. On such dangerous grounds, the trick will be to live long enough to keep the flame alive.

What I thought:

I was in need of a nice light romance. Not sure if this counts as light, but it definitely was what I was looking for! Normally I'm all for alpha men who pursue the women they want. In this, while we get the alpha male, we also get the alpha woman who is pursuing the man she wants. Definitely a nice shake up from the norm.

Maddie and Gabe were wonderful characters. I just adored them. I'm such a romance junkie, I loved watching Gabe try to resist and I loved watching Maddie go after what she really wants. Maddie was strong, independent and also vulnerable where it counted. Great writing!

My Rating:


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