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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Review: Bottoms Up by Miranda Baker

Released: December 28, 2010
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Rated: Adult

Love is the hardest limit.

“I’m an Aries. We don’t submit.”
“I’m a Leo. Wanna bet?”

Destiny Blake senses that her boredom with blond pretty boys is about to come to a flesh-tingling end. Since her first love left her for a more experienced Domme, she’s honed her topping skills to a fine edge. Yet the idea of bottoming for the hard-bodied owner of her favorite BDSM club is an erotic challenge she can’t resist.

Destiny isn’t Johnny Delcorral’s type. Tangling with her, even for one night, is a dangerous proposition for a man with good reason for needing his women submissive. But he suspects she’s hiding a submissive streak under her dreadlocks and leather, and he hungers to make her obey—and curb her reckless spirit.

The battle is on, both in the bedroom and out. Under Johnny’s knowing hands, she is dismayed to discover she’s enjoying submission more than she cares to admit. And Johnny finds himself relishing her defiance instead of curbing it—and fighting a growing unease with his inability to find her boundaries.

Until one night he pushes one step too far—and comes hard up against the one boundary he never expected to find.

What I thought:

I liked this one, there was only one part that I didn't really like and it frustrates me to not be able to talk about it without including spoilers! I really liked how we got to see the growth and change in Destiny as she chose to submit for the first time. Seeing her grow from being hung up on her ex to daring to let go and finally get what she wants was great to read.

The storyline was a bit different and I liked how it showed where Damian was in his head. I didn't always like it how he reacted to Destiny with his past in mind, but I'm glad that we got to see them work through everything. I liked the idea of the setting. More of a private club setting set away from a bar.

I thought it was well written and will be looking for more reading by Miranda Baker.

My Rating:


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