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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Review: Make Me, Sir by Cherise Sinclair

Released: February 1st, 2011
Publisher: Loose Id
Rated: Adult

Her job is to make his life miserable. His job is to make her submit. Whose heart will surrender first?

Across the country, rebellious BDSM submissives are being systematically kidnapped, one from each club. When her friend falls prey to the slavers, FBI victim specialist Gabrielle volunteers to be bait in a club not yet hit: the Shadowlands.

She finds that being a bratty sub comes naturally, especially when she gets to twit the appallingly conservative Master of the trainees. But she soon discovers he’s not as stuffy as she’d thought. Or as mean. She’d expected punishment, even humiliation, but she sure never expected to fall in love with a damned lawyer.

Courtesy of a prima donna ex-wife, Marcus loathes disobedient submissives. When the club owner insists he admit an incredibly bratty trainee, he’s furious. But as he comes to know Gabrielle and sees the alluring sweetness beneath the sass, he starts to fall for her.

Unfortunately, Marcus isn't the only one who believes the feisty redhead is a prize worth capturing. And in the world of the slaver, such treasure is worth a hefty fee.

What I thought:

Another great book! I love this series and I loved reading about Marcus! There are still a few more I'd like to read about so I hope this series isn't coming to an end anytime soon!

What I love about Cherise Sinclair's writing is that the characters aren't all the same. Especially the girls. While I love that she touches on issues that even I go through (self esteem, bad self imagine, etc) she also doesn't stick with just one character. Take Gabi. She's not just some other submissive trying to get the Dom of her dreams. She's pushing past her own fears to help do anything to rescue a friend. My heart tugged each time she had to do something she didn't want to or felt guilty about but had to do anyways. It was just fantastic!

And the story! Oh, the story! Okay, so it sounds like this story plot might continue so I'm getting excited to see how that plays out in the next book. What I liked about the story is that it is realistic. This stuff happens! I was hoping for it to be resolved by the end and when it wasn't truly resolved I started thinking that this might just be brilliant on the authors part. Of course something like this doesn't just go away over night and I'm pretty excited to see how it turns out in future books as a side story or something more.

I recommend this book to everyone who likes a little kink! Sinclair is a brilliant writer who can capture every emotion in her books and lets the reader feel them all as they take the journey right along with the characters.

My Rating:


Marce said...

I haven't read a BDSM novel in a long time. The Gift of Shame is a favourite. I would love to have more women as the DOM though.

I am intrigued, great review.

Aimee said...

I haven't read The Gift of Shame. I prefer men to be the dom personally. But I have only ran into one or two where the woman is.

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