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Friday, March 4, 2011

TGIF (2)

Who's ready for the weekend?!  I know I am!  I'm introducing a new feature for Fridays to re-cap the week's posts & to propose a question for my followers.  Feel free to get involved by clicking the image and leaving a comment!

Are you an organized reader? Or do you just pick up whatever book sparks your interest at that moment?

I tend to go with what sparks my interest.  I have tried making a list out of my TBR pile and once it becomes something I make myself read I won't want to read it.  So now, I browse my TBR lists and pick out the ones that I really want to read and if a review request comes in or a new book sparks my interest I don't make myself feel guilty over not reading the ones that have been on my list or in my piles for a long time.  Once it becomes required reading, it just isn't fun for me even if it is a book I would love. 

What about you? Tell me in the comments or click the banner to sign up and tell us what you prefer!


Alexia561 said...

I try to be organized, but usually fail miserably. If there's a deadline for posting a review, I'll make myself read it then "reward" myself by picking a book of my choice. Or sometimes I'll limit my choices to books that are next on the TBR list, then do a fun read afterwards. Guess I'm more about bribing myself than organizing! *L*

Aimee said...

Ha, I've tried that! When I get a review request in I read it right away if I agree to review it. I can schedule the post for later if I need to. But if I put if off and decide it's not what I want to read when I need to read it... chaos insues.

Edie Ramer said...

If there was ever a job that required a disorganized person, I'd get that job. I'm definitely "sparks my interest" reader.

Aimee said...

Ha, I agree with you Edie! That's a job I would need! Although I keep everything at work organized within an inch of its life, my reading habits are far from organized.

Ginger @ GReads! said...

Thank you for joining in this week! :-)

I agree that when a book becomes required reading it loses my interest. As much as I love receiving early copies from publishers & authors - it becomes stressful & overwhelming. I feel pressured to finish the book by a certain time & not allow myself to really engage in the story. I'm teaching myself to go back to my bookshelves & read stuff that I enjoy, not because I have to.

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