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Friday, April 22, 2011

TGIF (4)

Who's ready for the weekend?!  I know I am!  I'm introducing a new feature for Fridays to re-cap the week's posts & to propose a question for my followers.  Feel free to get involved by clicking the image and leaving a comment!

This Friday's Question:

Explicit Material:
How do you feel about explicit language
and/or sexual content in YA books?

In YA, I have a hard time with sexual content. I'm old enough to read books with it, but for teens, I don't think it is appropriate when it goes to far, as far as details. While I can still like a series, it still gets me thinking if that is something a 16 year old should be reading. Most times, you don't get the details, but you do get the idea of what happened.  Sure, a 16 year old knows what sex is and probably has thought about it, but it shouldn't be the focus and there shouldn't be any details.  I read YA because I love the tension when a boy likes a girl and vice versa.  But when it goes to far, I start to wonder if it truly can be labeled YA if it has adult themes.

Language, on the other hand, is a little different. I don't mind the occasional word here and there. Teens say it, we know they do, but I think words like the F word (you all know which word I mean!) should be left out. While other words don't seem as appropriate, such as damn, doesn't bother me because I know most teens have heard it, use it, and don't think it's odd to read it. But I don't want to see a YA where every sentence seems to be filled with bad language. I don't like my non-YA books filled with them, I don't like my YA filled with them as well.


Lindsay said...

Old follower stopping by...agree about suggestive content in YA - just not necessary IMHO. Come by and check out my blog: http://everydayadventure11.blogspot.com


Jessi said...

The sexual content in YA can definitely be difficult. It becomes a dicey situation when you are trying to recommend books to a 12-13 year old who is looking in the YA section at the library (especially if you're not 100% sure exactly how old they are). Once I picked up a book, looked at the mom, asked how old her daughter was...and upon hearing 13 put the book back down. A little kissing like they'll get in a PG13 and a lot of tension is cool...much more isn't quite what I'd give a teen.

Happy Friday! (Old follower stopping by)

Jennifer A said...

I remember reading a book in middle school that was meant for teens that had sexual content in it that was inappropriate (I think the girl had sex with an older man or something. I can't remember the name of the book). I was a pretty mature teen and could handle it, but that probably shouldn't have been something at the school library. :/

I agree, I don't like my books filled with bad language either. It's just not necessary.

Jennifer of Little Shelf

Ginger @ GReads! said...

I agree that overly described sex scenes in YA may not always be appropriate; however, I am OK with sex being in the story. If it stays true to the story & it's characters I believe it be fine. I recently read a book that went above & beyond though. It glorified teenage sex as this thing that everyone should be doing. I was not OK with that.

Thanks for joining TGIF!

Candace said...

I pretty much feel the exact same way as you. I don't think I can add anything actually. I don't really like bad words (like the F word) in my adult books and I REALLY don't like it in YA. I don't like sex in YA either, and sometimes it's hard to determine if it really is needed for the story line.
But some of my most favorite books do have sex, so it's hard to judge. I just don't care for it and wish they'd skip them.

Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

When it comes to language I certainly agree with you. I don't like certain words in any genre, let alone YA.

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