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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Review: Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep

Released: August 1, 2011
Publisher: Kensington
Rated: YA
Series: Mythos Academy, Book 1
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Gwen Frost is an outsider at Mythos Academy, a school of myths, magic and warrior whiz kids, where even the lowliest geek knows how to chop off somebody's head with a sword. Gwen is an outsider both to the students of the Academy and the rest of the world. But when her gift of psychometry - the ability to know an object's history just by touching it reveals dark undercurrents and danger afoot, she has no choice but to get involved.

What I thought

I'm including a mini review of First Frost, the prequel to Touch of Frost:

Just a short story intro to Touch of Frost, it was enjoyable. It shows how Gwen ends up in Mythos Academy, with a story focusing on her ability. We get to see just how bad it can get, it isn't all just fun and games for Gwen when seeing people's secrets. It adds to the main story. It isn't necessary to read it to get Touch of Frost, but highly recommended, as you miss just a bit of the story with Gwen, her mom, and her grandmother. 

Touch of Frost Review:

I had waited, a bit impatiently, for this one. All the hype on it made me want it even more. I even had a friend who scored an ARC copy who told me it was brilliant. I had to have it! And I'm so glad I've finally finished the story. It was all that I imagined and much more.

The author had a little note at the end (along with a teaser for the second book) that explained why she went with this one. It's so different from her Elemental Assassin series in more ways than just being young adult. She loves mythology and mythology mixed in novels. I do too. So it was natural that I would love her story. And what I loved about hers is that it is set so it didn't just blend with the other myth type young adult books I've read. It stood out. The different descendants made for a very interesting story.

Another reason I think this is utterly brilliant, is that we see some of the gods we recognize. But we get more face time with some that normally don't get seen. Loki is a little more recognizable than Nike, but I was impressed and excited to see the authors use of the Victory goddess. Jennifer Estep wasn't afraid to use gods and goddess that weren't as well known and I really think it helped make the novel than trying to get around a goddess or god that a lot of others have written with and still try to make the character their own. Very brilliant move.

I loved the premise. Of all the warriors that make up the school, Gwen is the odd girl out. But she's not weak. Never weak, she just has different strengths. Strengths we are learning with her as she adapts to her new school. This series has a lot of promise. I have yet to read a book by Jennifer Estep that I didn't love and this is another book that has earned it's place on my favorites shelf. With all of the mythology young adult novels out there, this is a step above the rest. My favorite I have come across.

My Rating

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Jules said...

I wasn't sure whether or not to read this one but you've really made me curious about it now! :)

I always get so many great book recommendations from your blog :D

Aimee said...

Thanks Jules! I hope you like this! If you haven't check it out already, try Estep's Elemental Assassin series. It's an adult series, but great!

Anonymous said...

I've been holding out for the audiobook of this one; I love the Elemental Assassin series so much I've listened to them multiple times. Hopefully Mythos Academy will be the same...but the wait is killing me. Might have to just go buy the book! :) Good review!

Candace said...

Oh yay! I can't wait until I can read it! I have at least a couple review books I need to read first but I hope I can read it soon, I'm so excited!

Molli @ Once Upon a Prologue said...

Wow, this one sounds really awesome. Great review! : )

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