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Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Follow (15)

Q: Today’s Question is something new, an activity. We want to see what you look like! Take a pic with you and your current read! Too shy? Boo! Just post a fun pic you want to share.


Forgive the hair... it is snowing here and always makes it not hold in the bun right. You can't see it well, but I'm reading His Unknown Heir by Chantelle Shaw. I haven't started it yet, but felt I was in need of some Harlequin love since I'm just about burnt out on YA for the moment.

Here is me and my husband right before we got married this last summer. This is what my hair looks like when it isn't snowing like crazy outside.


Kate said...

They are both cute photos! Thanks for stopping by and I followed back :)

Kate said...

Aww how sweet! Thanks for stopping by!

Kate @ Epic (Chocolate) Fantasy

Aimee said...

I'm an old follower just stopping by to say hi. It's funny how we care to explain our hair. I didn't post last night because there was no way I was taking a picture with my hair looking the way it was. :) Congrats on your recent wedding. Happy Friday!


Jessica (Peace Love Books) said...

It's snowing?!? Glad it's not snowing where I am right now. Cute pictures! Have a good Friday!

Here's my FF!

Tiger Holland said...

Love the picture of you and the hubby! I know what you mean about YA burnout. I have to branch out to other genres often if I want to stay sane. :-)

TheReadingPenguin said...

Lovely pictures!Thanks for visiting!


Karen said...

Adorable! I envy people who can take great pictures. I always look like a corpse.
Have a wonderful weekend....and snow???

Aimee said...

Haha, yup, third snow of the year so far (oi! I'm not ready!!).

Candace said...

Your hair doesn't even look bad! I always have stray hairs everywhere, it doesn't even need to snow. But snow?! UGH! I bet it's beautiful but it's cold enough without it!

Melliane said...

Great pictures ! Don't worry, your hair is perfect !

I'm an old follower

So many books, so little time said...

I'm an old follower and haven't done FF for a while now but think I might partake in this one (have to go and sort my hair though I look like I have been dragged through a bush backwards lol).

Great pics and yet another book I haven't heard of!

Lainy http://www.alwaysreading.net

Rea said...

Hi there! new follower.

I know the problems you face with snow and hair all too well. I have to wear a hat in the snow and then I end up with hat hair, which is even worse!! Great photos, though! :)

You can find my FF here.

Aeicha @ Word Spelunking said...

New follower!

Snow?! Yuck *shivers*

Enjoy your book!
Thanks for stopping by my FF :)

Pabkins said...

Oh what a happy looking couple!! thanks for sharing photos! love seeing everybody today

Pabkins @ Mission to Read

Tanya Patrice said...

You guys look adorable!

Sarah (The Book Life) said...

Gosh, it seems too early for snow! At least you have a good book! Thanks for stopping by :0)

Read Phoenix said...

Love your pictures and beautiful smiles! Congrats on getting married. Following back.
Thanks <3,

Kate @ Kate's Book Life said...

Great pics not heard of the book

New follower

Jessica S. said...

Your hair looks fine! :) I totally know what you mean... now that we're heading into winter, mine's going to be frizzing up a storm, lol. Happy Follow Friday! :)

Sarah@Catching Books said...

new follower :0
Great pic and happy reading!!

thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Burgandy Ice said...

oooh, Kindle!!!!

I'm a new GFC - thx for hopping over to my site!!

MaryAnn said...

awww love both those pics! New follower:)
Thanks for stopping by!
MaryAnn @ Chapter by Chapter

Emma Michaels said...

Happy follow Friday! I am a follower.

Emma Michaels
I am hosting a giveaway today and would love it if you would enter!

J.J. Bonds said...

Oh, I'd totally trade a rough hair day for some snow! Lol. Can tell winter hasn't quite arrived here yet? In a few months I'm sure I'll be singing a different tune! Happy Friday!

Alison Can Read said...

Hopping through. You and your hubby are so cute together! And I keep meaning to try some Harlequin. Do you have a fav author?
My Hop

Carole Rae said...

Hi! Love the blog and the pictures you picked. ^.^ I'm a new follower!

Danielle Gorman said...

Great pic.

Thanks for stopping by.

Danielle @Ramblings From This Chick

Jackie's Little World said...

Man I wish it would snow here already!! I think this FF caught everyone by surprise :-) I love the pics!

Thanks for following! Following you back and have a great weekend!

Jennifer L. Bielman said...

Nice pics. New follower. My FF: http://readingandwritingurbanfantasy.blogspot.com/

duchess_mommy said...

Congratulations on your marriage! New follower. Thanks for stopping by my blog for FF!

Have a great week,
The Duchess Mommy Reads

Jinny (SkyInk.net) said...

Thanks for visiting my FF! :) I'm already a follower!

Christy @TheReaderBee said...

Great pictures!!! I always love a good romance when I'm burned out on a certain type of book. :) I hope you enjoy reading it!

pinkim said...

Hey, just visiting for the first time from Follow Friday...I just love the name of your blog! and your button too...I am your newest follower...Pinkim from TrulySimplyPink

Lisa Jo @ Once Upon A Chapter said...

Happy Blog Hop!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Go you for taking the pic! I was too scared! lol Looks great, btw....both pics! Hope you're enjoying your book!

Lisa Jo @ Once Upon A Chapter

Peter Sacco said...

Nice pic you to look great and the pic are very sweet.

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